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The Office of the Employer Advisor

Work can be stressful, and that stress has amplified over the past few years as more employers continue to navigate the demands of work. The impact of this work-related stress may lead to a mental stress injury.

Are you aware of the criteria the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) uses to determine eligibility for services and compensation? The topic of mental stress is sensitive and complex with issues and implications for workplace health and safety. Employers have questions about how to respond to this fast-growing reality. This session outlines how mental stress entitlement, traumatic, PTSD and chronic, is determined by the WSIB.

2022 Locations & Dates

Mississauga*                         Oshawa+
September 22                         October 27

Sault Ste. Marie*                   Sudbury+
September 26                         October 31

London*                                 Burlington
September 28                         November 3

Ottawa*                                  Vaughan 
October 4                                November 8 

St. Catharine's*                     Scarborough
October 6                                November 10

October 25

NOTE: A minimum number of participants must be reached in order to run. Register for the sessions marked with (*) by September 2, 2022 and with (+) by September 22, 2022.